Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 - Stilettos on Sullivan Resolutions

the new year is here!!  hopefully, you all celebrated in fabulous style, per usual!

i've never been one to make New Years Resolutions, but i'm changing my pattern this year.  i'm into it.  and i'm going to share them with you guys - because if i speak it, i'll feel responsible to you guys to achieve them - right? right.  so here goes....

1. Master Full Camel Pose

okay - this one scares me.  i've been doing yoga for a really long time.  i practiced seriously my senior year of high school, did my best to practice during my 4 years of college, and in the three years i've been out, i'm back to a pretty serious practice.  it took me many many months to be able to do camel pose, and this year, it's time to rock full camel. head on the ground.  i can do it. 

i'm really motivated by having cute new workout clothes, and this is my new "i'm going to master full camel pose" outfit...

2.  Get Accepted into Grad School and Head Back for a Masters/Ph.D in Industrial Engineering

again, terrifying.  

so this may come as a surprise, as my interests tend to lean towards Proenza Schouler and insanely high Christian Louboutin heels, but i have my undergraduate degree in Industrial Engineering.  yeah, engineering.  dorky stuff.  i still have my TI-89 graphing calculator.  i spent my college years hunkered down over physics, advanced calculus, and electric circuitry textbooks - not being a full-loving sorority girl.  (i was a sorority girl - Delta Gamma! ...but i didn't have time for fun).  and i'm ready for more.  

another of my interests...planes.  i dig planes. everything about them.  how they work, how they fly, air traffic control patterns, and how to improve all of these things.  

so i'm headed back to learn more, do research, and hopefully aid in improving the next-generation airplanes and flight tracking systems.  that's what i'd love to do. so GRE in March, applications in April, and back hitting the books by next year.  i'm excited.

oh but don't worry - i'll be the girl in the Louboutins, trying to shove her calculator into her PS11 clutch on the way to class.  promise.  and it'll make for HILARIOUS commentary on my fashion-life (and how all those engineers look at me) for you all, right?! :)

3. Study and Practice Chrono-Nutrition

i read this amazing article by Sandra Bullentine for the NYT about chrono-nutrition and i'm totally obsessed by the idea.  the gist is that your body releases hormones at different times of the day that help you metabolize different kinds of food in a certain way - and eating the right foods at the right time will  help you lose weight and maintain slimness.  i've been researching it my entire holiday vacation and upon my return to New York - i'm in.  i have no idea if it'll work, but i'm going to commit to continue reading about it to understand it - and to give it a shot for at least a month.  

4.  Bring my Lunch to Work!

so along the same lines, i'm going to bring my lunch to work (or try to!) more often this year!  i can't stick to my chrono-nutrition when curly fries and burrito bowls are staring me down in the cafeteria at work (all laced with a bajillion grams of sodium) so i vow to bring my lunch more often!  and hey - i'm a gluten-free girl (Celiac's disease...killer!), so it'll be healthier for my body anyways, knowing exactly what's in my food!  it's a win win!

and last but not least....can't leave the fashion resolution out...

5. add more Proenza Schouler to the wardrobe...

PS11 Classic in saddle - i have my eye on you..... (i'm a Proenza whore!)
OH OH OH...and i really want this too...

a girl can dream!!!

what are your resolutions?  work out more? eat more veggies?  eat less Pinkberry?  buy more Brian Atwood pumps?  try cat-eye eyeliner to work?  try a new kind of food?  (i tried Indian food seriously for the first time in 2011 - and now i LOVE IT!)

no matter what your resolutions are - BE FEARLESS!


Ryan said...

That's quite a list! Had no clue on your educational background - very cool.

Happy New Years to you.

Xerxes said...

I love the workout clothes, how do you get anything done in the gym with the men floating around you?

Do you still fly?

How do you see a Ph D in IE as a tool to help better airplane design? This is a serious question, I will be fascinated to follow your progress. I somehow get a Legaly Blond picture of an intelligent nicely dressed woman sitting among geeks, just don't bring a small note book and a cute pen the first class.

You seriously still have your graphing calculator!


Caitlin Anne said...

@Mike - lol, i am one of those seriously oblivious people. i spend my entire life "in the zone" are rarely notice anyone noticing me. :)

IE is a very versatile engineering discipline. it encompasses work in ergonomics, logistics, and process control - so the design of next gen flight decks and air traffic systems is an exercise almost completely in ergonomics - designing the tools and layout to maximize a pilot's efficiency, productivity, and safety while flying (and do the same for air traffic controllors - but for them it's more about designing a system that is as safe, if not safer, than the current one is - without taking away the human element. air traffic can hypothetically be done by computers but there's a finesse that is required which only humans can bring - so you have to design a system to integrate...)

and then paired flight approaches & rapid descent are two other areas i'm interested in - both MAJOR logistics problems. both would help reduce emissions and ease air traffic congestion. lots of work to do to make them realities though...

and yeah - very Legally Blonde; heels, swingy ponytail, red lips, etc. - but don't worry, no cute pen. it won't be my first rodeo in the engineering arena...and i'm okay being the underestimated chick around all the boys ;)

The Backseat Debutante said...

i am fascinated by that chrono nutrition article! i would also like to visit the swiss spa ASAP to understand it more fully :-)